So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 8 (light Novel)

, #08

272 pages

English language

Published Nov. 25, 2020 by Yen Press LLC.

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Deification is one hell of a nerf... So I'm a god, so what? I'm weaker than ever! I have no stats, no skills, and no physical stamina! In fact, the only thing I got out of this upgrade was...legs. But since I never have the energy to walk, the others have no choice but to haul me around like a piece of luggage. Can't we just get to the demon realm already?! We're so close! One final leap over the Mystic Mountains, and- Wait, what? There's a rampaging ogre killing everyone in sight? Greaaat. Of course there's a surprise boss battle right before the checkpoint. Work your OP magic, Demon Lord! ...Hey, wait a minute. I recognize that ogre!

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