Chelsea Fagan: A Perfect Vintage (Paperback, 2023, Orsay Press) 5 stars


Lea Mortimer has everything under control. As a …

My Review of A Perfect Vintage

5 stars

This book ruined my sleep schedule.

I picked this up shortly after receiving the email that it was available for me to read and couldn't help but read it whenever I had free time. I was able to cut myself off at midnight the first night, but the second night I was up until 2AM because I just HAD to see how the story wrapped up.

Part of me is disappointed that I didn't read it while next to a body of water with a cold drink nearby, because A Perfect Vintage makes for the perfect summer read. The setting is magical, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if a number of readers book trips to France after finishing this. It's a story packed with romance, betrayal, a dizzying amount of family drama, and so much more. I was surprised at the number of characters in the book, but the author did a great job of integrating them and making them important to the story in their own way. The writing was easy to follow, with the perfect amount of detail used throughout.

A Perfect Vintage was a pleasant surprise and one of my favorite books of 2023. I had a lot of fun reading this and highly recommend it.

Special thanks to Orsay Press and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.