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Ich bin Andrea aka Kadomi. Ich bin eine begeisterte Leseratte aus NRW, mit einem Schwerpunkt auf #Sci-Fi und #Fantasy. Ich liebe aber auch #truecrime, #mystery, #historicalfiction und so ziemlich jedes Genre, das ich in die Finger bekomme. Ich lese auch eine Menge #pnpde-Zeug. Regelbücher, Abenteuer, einfach alles.

Ich bin eine queere Frau, also lese ich gelegentlich #lesfic.

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Trap (Paperback, 2019, Orenda Books) 3 stars

Decent middle-book

3 stars

The sequel to the high-pace Snare is a direct continuation of the first book, and gives us pretty much more of the same. It's also unfortunately pointing out more weaknesses here, that didn't bother me much in the first book, but annoy me now.

In any case, this is pretty much an Icelandic variation on Breaking Bad. We have regular folks here who have to break bad in order to survive. Mostly, our protagonist Sonja, who was forced to serve as drug mule so she can continue to see her son Tomas, but also Bragi, the customs inspector who wants to make sure his Alzheimer wife can spend her remaining days at home. And it gets wackier for Sonja who needs to deal with crazy Mexican narcos. Mr. José reminded me a lot of Tuco Salamanca in the Breaking Bad universe.

The novel is as fast-paced as the first one. …

The Power: WINNER OF THE 2017 BAILEYS WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION (1998, Penguin) 4 stars

Gender reversal dystopia with flaws

4 stars

Content warning Contains spoilers, mentions rape

Three brutal days in a war

4 stars

It is really hard for me to understand why I goddamn love Abercrombie's writing so much. I recommended the First Law trilogy to my wife, and she kinda despised the hyper-masculine world of the First Law setting.

This book is no different. And yet. Abercrombie's not great with plot, but he's amazing with characters. This book alone brings a plethora of fresh characters we never met, or only in passing, and then the return of many previous characters, including the most tragic character in fantasy, Caul Shivers. All in all we get 6 point of view characters. 3 for the union: Bremer dan Gorst, disgraced King's Guard after the events of Best Served Cold, Finree dan Brock, Lord Marshal Kroy's daughter, pined for by Bremer, but monstrously ambitious for her young husband, and Tunny, a corrupt Corporal of the First. The 3 characters for the North are Curnden Craw, probably …

Karen Memory (2015) 2 stars

"Steampunk novel set in Seattle in the late 19th century--an era when the town was …

It isn't you, it's me

2 stars

I usually enjoy Elizabeth Bear's fiction very much, but this was doomed from the beginning. Karen Memory is an AU story, set in the fictional town Rapid City during the gold rush. Only that this is a steampunk western.

The protagonist and first-person storyteller is Karen Memery, a hooker with a heart of gold who ends up investigating a series of murders together with a Marshal, rescuing abused hookers from the main villain. That's about as far as I got until I started skimming to the end of the book. Not even the f/f love story was enough to reel me in. I would have loved to love this story, but I just didn't.

If you enjoy the western genre, and steampunk, and would enjoy a queer cast kicking ass and taking names, you might enjoy this. I just didn't.

Black Swan Green (2007, Random House Trade Paperbacks) 4 stars

A novel. From hardcover: "Black Swan Green tracks a single year in what is, for …

A tale of adolescence in the British 80s

4 stars

I wasn't initially sure about this novel but it quickly won me over, in this semi-autobiographical story of 13-year old Jason Taylor describing a year of his life in 1982, in 13 stories, one for each month of the year, plus an extra January. Each story is very different, and is teeming with the vibrant life of the 80s, picking up contemporary stuff like the Falkland war, Margaret Thatcher, and much much music.

Jason is a stammerer, which causes him much grief, so it's inevitably a story about school bullies for many chapters. Each story could stand alone and not lose much from it, but of course it's perfect that it weaves together. As usual with Mitchell, it alludes to previous books he wrotes, so there's Madame Crommelynck from Cloud Atlas, one of the more lyrical chapters of the book. It's really like listening to all of David Mitchell's doubts …

Solid Scandinavian crime

3 stars

Solid crime novel that left me surprisingly hooked. I don't know, it wasn't as bleak as some Scandinavian crime can be, but then bleak enough that I could easily imagine this small Norvegian town that was shook up by first the disappearance of a girl, followed by finding the body of another one.

Nothing special, but rock-solid.

The shining girls (2013, Umuzi) 5 stars

"A time-traveling serial killer is impossible to trace-- until one of his victims survives. In …

Time-traveling serial murder

5 stars

Content warning Spoilers for the plot

A Memory Called Empire (2019) 4 stars

A Memory Called Empire is a 2019 science fiction novel, the debut novel by Arkady …

Review of 'A Memory Called Empire' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

3.5 stars, really. I wrote this long review and then managed to overwrite it, meh.

In any case, very interesting premise, if you like sci-fi with a bit of whodunnit mixed into it. It's a fascinating look at an old empire from an outsider, and all its intrigues. The sequel should mix things up a bit.

I didn't care for the poetry angles, but overall, would recommend.

Snare (2018, Orenda Books) 4 stars

After a messy divorce, attractive young mother Sonia is struggling to provide for herself and …

Review of 'Snare' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I read this at breakneck speed, just like the novel somehow felt super-fast paced. It has very short chapters that just keep the ball rolling. Our protagonist is Sonja, a divorcee who does not have custody over her beloved son Tomas, and dreams of the day that she has enough money to file for custody. Money is a problem for her because she is in a 'snare'. Her divorce lawyer offered her a way to make money, by smuggling cocaine from Europe back to Iceland.

The novel has three main PoV characters: Sonja herself; her lover Agla, who is involved in a huge financial scandal. She also won't commit to Sonja as she is a closeted lesbian. And then there's Bragi, a customs officer who has spotted Sonja as a mule and is planning to catch her.

Sonja's snare gets tighter throughout the book, stakes are higher, and there are …

Little fires everywhere (2017, Penguin Press) 4 stars

In Shaker Heights, a placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is planned – from the …

Review of 'Little fires everywhere' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

It's hard to describe what this book is about. At the beginning you're dropped in dramatically, a family mansion is burning down, and we don't know what happened. But in flashbacks, we learn. It's a family drama story about a poor single mom, Mia, and her teenage daughter, living as tenants of the wealthy Richardson family in 'perfect' suburbia. But Mia has secrets from her past, and she soon clashes with Elena Richardson. It's predominantly a book about women. About growing up as a woman, motherhood, tough stuff like abortion, and the mean things women do to each other. Male characters play side-roles, but this book is really not about them. The writing is quite excellent, once it grabs you, there's no letting go. I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

A Deadly Education (Hardcover, 2020, Del Rey) 4 stars

A Deadly Education is set at Scholomance, a school for the magically gifted where failure …

Review of 'A Deadly Education' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

This book was such a slow burn for me. Coming highly praised, I came in here expecting a traditional school of wizardry tale. But your HP it is not. It's good though, very good.

Told from first person perspective, our narrator is Galadriel, a sophomore at the Scholomance, a deadly place of education indeed. The students learn magic simply by surviving the many horrors the school throws at them. There are no houses or anything the like, but alliances to make sure you survive your senior year. Students have to fight their way out, through masses of monsters.

Galadriel is a loner though. Secretly, she's one of the most powerful magic-users of the school, but she can only use spells of destruction. As the story progresses, Galadriel has to make alliances herself, and figure out if she and the most prolific monster killer of Scholomance, Orion Lake, are dating or …

The Hate U Give (Hardcover, 2018, Balzer + Bray) 5 stars

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD STARR CARTER moves between two worlds: the poor black neighborhood where she lives and …

Review of 'The Hate U Give' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

Absolutely outstanding book.

16-year old Starr Carter is a black teenager who goes to a white school. One night she is witness to a cop killing her friend Khalil for no reason, and this event changes her whole life.

Absolutely engaging cast of characters, told in a gripping way, wish every teenager read this book. Or anyone really.

I don't have the words to praise this book enough.

Review of 'Meow' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

After my previous book, I decided that a slice of life fantasy book might just be the thing, and it really was. Legends & Lattes is low-stakes fantasy, with barely a plot but a huge chunk of coziness.

Viv is an orc warrior who is retiring from adventuring, and she wants to start a coffeeshop. She's brought a good-luck charm from her adventures, and then just builds it up, until she is the proprietor of Legends & Lattes. She gathers a cozy cast of characters who work for her, or learn to love coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Reading this book was like drinking a good cup of coffee and munching on a piece of pastry. Just comfy. It read a lot like a fanfic coffee house AU of a fantasy story, Viv might be freshly retired from a DnD party. But that's all not bad stuff. Sometimes we need something …

A Crown of Swords (2010, Tor Books) 3 stars

A Crown of Swords is a fantasy novel by American author Robert Jordan, the seventh …

Review of 'A Crown of Swords' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

CN: sexual harassment

I thought I had only read the first 6 books of WoT back in the day, but no, I was wrong. As I read this long-winded book where not much of anything happened in 800 pages, a lot of the stuff from Ebou Dar came back to me.

The good: I like Mat, I liked his Ebou Dar chapters, and the end of the book with the attack on Ebou Dar is very promising. I liked the machinations of the Black Ajah, and generally the intrigue and political stuff.

The bad: Incredibly lame pacing. My usual complaints about the author not understanding female relationships, or women in general, having created a wide cast of super-unlikeable women. Inherent mysogyny everywhere. I get that the author tried a power role reversal but it doesn't change that sexism is everywhere in this book. I mean, come on, Rand is fine …

The Stars Are Legion (2017, Gallery / Saga Press) 3 stars

Review of 'The Stars Are Legion' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

This one is from the category 'WTF did I just read?' It's not my first book by Kameron Hurley, the queen of zero exposition ever. You just get thrown in, and the missing exposition, in this case because of amnesia, is part of the story.

Zan is a warrior from the family Katazyrna, and apparently the only one who can conquer the Mokshi, a world-ship that has left the Legion, a group of decaying world-ships and is supposed to be the salvation, as all other world-ships are dying. But Zan loses her memory every time she comes back from the Mokshi, and along with her amnesia, just like Zan you as the reader have to figure out what exactly is happening here.

We get two PoVs in this book. Zan, who remembers nothing, and has to regain her memories, and Jayd, apparently Zan's love, daughter of the Katazyrna leaders, who …