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Hello everybody! I read from around Paris. Ich kann auch Deutsch aber werde wahrscheinlich meistens französische Bücher präsentieren :) trop cool cette instance j'ai l'impression merci de m'héberger !

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Dwellers in the land (1985, Sierra Club Books) 1 star

just a book

1 star

I was curious, then got turned off pretty quickly when three chapters were seriously named in reference to "Gaea".

The quoted works are of white, disproportionately male academics.

The author's idea of bioregionalism is a project for secession within the United States. Apart from the acknowledged lack of convincing evidence for the existence of biological or geopolitical "bioregions", breaking up the US sounded good until I realized this was a project of continued colonization, because it's about continuing settler governments in a new form and is silent about Native peoples' place in that future (like there isn't). It reminded me of the expression "fostering settler futures" I read in one of Max Liboiron's book. Further, in trying to sketch out his "bioregionalism", the author constantly refers to various Indigenous peoples, but merely as props for the validity of his utopia. He doesn't engage with ideas of people from indigenous communities. …

The Epic of Gilgamesh (2006) 3 stars

Mesopotamian queer/bait

3 stars

Content warning major spoilers. it's not that long if you wanna read it

[Homage to Catalonia][1] is [George Orwell][2]'s account of his experiences fighting in the 'Spanish Civil …

I'm halfway through and it's pretty interesting to think how recent and how close to me the Spanish almost-revolution happened. Like, they were facing fascists and managed to collectivize so much stuff. I guess I'll have to read some other account too though because two persons warned me that Orwell lies sometimes / was not a good person (?). Also gender in wartime is even weirder than normally

TÈ MAWON (Paperback, Français language, La Volte) 3 stars

Un roman insurrectionnel, première pierre d’un afrofuturisme caribéen francophone

Lanvil, mégapole caribéenne, vitrine rutilante des …

Review of 'TÈ MAWON' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

J'ai découvert l'auteur par sa présence web, et j'ai trouvé ce livre à la librairie Charybde près de gare de Lyon (dans un espace bobo avec contrôle des sacs a l'entrée mais des gens joyeux dedans).

J'ai un peu pleuré à plusieurs passages :') le style à la Gibson a commencé à me happer après un début d'adaptation. Les personnages, le monde, l'intrigue, tout est couché subtilement et avec assez de sauce. Je me gratte encore un peu la tête après la fin mais ça me donne envie d'aller lire monsieur Glissant.

OTP Joe & Patson (Jotson) et je sais de quoi je parle parce que je me souviens avoir entendu Michael Roch parler de Bromance. Est-ce qu'on peut parler de comment ils se soutiennent et se trouvent et se (re)construisent? Je rigole mais on est pas prêts