Seasons of Albadone

English language

Published Jan. 24, 2020 by Independently Published.

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5 stars (1 review)

Four seasons. Four stories. An aspiring enchantress searches for a way to lift a terrible curse. A drunken father makes a dangerous wish. A foreman tilts the balance between nature and progress. A mother travels with her dying child in search of a healer. Four paths merge. Four destinies intertwine.

Adriel is an apprentice enchantress living in the forest of Albadone. Her teacher falls ill due to a terrible curse and sends her on a quest to fetch the ingredients for an enchantment that may save her. Upon returning to the cabin they share, Adriel stumbles upon a terrible secret.

Handel is an alcoholic father. His daughter's dying wish is for him to travel within the heart of the forest to seek the mysterious Wishing Tree. Handel finds the Tree, but the wish it grants may not be what he bargained for.

Brade is a foreman digging into the heart …

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My Review of Seasons of Albadone

5 stars

It's a relatively short book, coming in at just under 200 pages, but packed into it is an elaborate setting, a number of interesting characters, and a lot of intrigue. I had been reading a lot of books in the 500–700-page range, so a quick, but great read like this was a welcome reprieve.

This book was a ton of fun to read. I'm looking forward to checking out the second book in The Eighth Chant series, A Contract in Sol Forne. It's over double the size of Seasons of Albadone, so it will be interesting to see what the authors can do with the expanded page count.