Lovely Violent Things

, #2

Paperback, 346 pages

English language

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reviewed Lovely Violent Things by Trisha Wolfe (Hollow’s Row, #2)

Philosophy lesson 201

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When you live in Germany & it comes to personification of the Übermensch (& not the actual philosophical meaning of overcoming nihilism) & Wille zur Macht, you are in the middle of Nazi-propaganda. I’m very glad it is not the case in this book & the topic is given a special twist. You better have paid attention in your philosophy lessons at school, when Freud, Jung & Nitzsche was taught, but also are not too attached to their teachings, because this book twists, turns & interweaves philosophical & some religious concepts to the edge of recognisability.

PS: It icks me that “Übermensch” is translated with “Overman” (or even worse: “Superman” in the english translation of “Also sprach Zarathustra”) & not “Overhuman”.