New Spring (Wheel of Time)

Paperback, 304 pages

Published Dec. 2, 2004 by Orbit.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

2 editions

Exciting... but the writing is... questionable.

3 stars

The Wheel of Time was kind of a big deal for me: the first big fantasy series I really got into as a teenager. I never read this prequel, and I guess with the release of the TV it was time. It's strange to go back to the world.

On the one hand, this is an exciting adventure story that hooked me in and I enjoyed reading. It's great to spend time in the world, and to learn some important background.

On the other, Robert Jordan's writing is... I expected the overwrought excessive adjective, mail gaze-y descriptions. I knew the gender essentialism would be ever present.

I'd forgotten / hadn't noticed the constant ethnic stereotyping: "stubborn even for an Andorian" and the like.

Likewise the extent of the authoritarianism in the book. I mean, I knew he has a slightly obsession with characters being punished, but the extent to which …

Un roman de fantasy très classique

3 stars

L'auteur à un peu tendance à délayer en décrivant tout tout le temps, pour ensuite caler une résolution très brusques dans les dernières pages, sinon, c'est de la fantasy assez classique qui se laisse lire.

C'est une "prequel" présentant le passé de certains des personnages du cycle, reste à voir ce que donne la suite.


  • Fantasy