We Won't Be Here Tomorrow

And Other Stories

English language

Published Jan. 22, 2022 by AK Press Distribution.

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4 stars (1 review)

Margaret Killjoy’s stories have appeared for years in science fiction and fantasy magazines both major and indie. Here, we have collected the best previously published work along with brand new material. Ranging in theme and tone, these imaginative tales bring the reader on a wild and moving ride. They’ll encounter a hacker who programs drones to troll CEOs into quitting; a group of LARPers who decide to live as orcs in the burned forests of Oregon; queer, teen love in a death cult; the terraforming of a climate-changed Earth; polyamorous love on an anarchist tea farm during the apocalypse; and much more. Killjoy writes fearless, mind-expanding fiction.

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We Won't Be Here Tomorrow

4 stars

Great collection of genre stories, all with a strong transfeminist anarchist bent. Lots of horror, some dark fantasy, some cyberpunk, some just, I don't know... metal? A couple misses for me but I love her overall outlook and approach and all her protagonists feel like they could be real people in my friend circle without being too same-y, either.