Exile and the kingdom

213 pages

English language

Published Nov. 4, 1974 by Knopf.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

"[Exile and the kingdom] consists of six "short stories". The term must be as loosely applied as was that of "novel" to last year's The Fall. The tales, precise, almost stark, are concerned with illuminating the dispossessed- symbolically projected in the exile of man. Two, "The Adulterous Woman" and "The Renegade" take the deserts for their scenes; its barrenness brings revelation to Janine, madness to the renegade missionary. In "The Artist At Work" he elucidates the encumbrance and distraction which love entails and the failure in flight from love. "The Silent Men" and "The Guest" are stoic statements for compassion, for no other reason than for men's need to draw comfort from one another. The stories have the purity, dignity and involution expected from Camus and will find their own critical audience." (Kirkus Review, 10 March 1957)

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