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Charles Dickens: The Christmas Books (Penguin Popular Classics) (1994, Penguin Books Ltd) 3 stars

Miss Slowboy, conscious of some mysterious reference to The Old Gentleman, and connecting in her mystified imagination certain associations of a religious nature with the phrase, was so disturbed, that hastily rising from the low chair by the fire to seek protection near the skirts of her mistress, and coming into contact as she crossed the doorway with an ancient Stranger, she instinctively made a charge or butt at him with the only offensive instrument within her reach. This instrument happening to be the baby, great commotion and alarm ensued, which the sagacity of Boxer rather tended to increase; for that good dog, more thoughtful than its master, had, it seemed, been watching the old gentleman in his sleep, lest he should walk off with a few young poplar trees that were tied up behind the cart; and he still attended on him very closely, worrying his gaiters in fact, and making dead sets at the buttons.

The Christmas Books (Penguin Popular Classics) by  (Page 170)

🤭 Oh no! 😅

Charles Dickens: The Christmas Books (Penguin Popular Classics) (1994, Penguin Books Ltd) 3 stars

Content warning Mention of dead Marley

Kevin Hearne: Hammered (2022, Random House Publishing Group) No rating

In the third novel in the New York Times bestselling Iron Druid Chronicles, two-thousand year …

"No doubt. I was just on my way to grab some lunch. Fancy a bite?" "You buying?" Jesus grinned. "Sure. I'll pick up the tab. How long have you been here?" The light turned green again and we walked north up Mill Avenue. "I arrived just before you showed up," he said. "Heard from my mother you wanted to have a beer." "That's right, I told her that. She was very kind and blessed some arrows for me. And I'm flattered that you decided to accept my invitation." "Are you kidding?" Jesus snorted. "I'm grateful to you. I tell you truly, nobody ever wants to just hang out with me. If they're not asking for explanations or intercessions, then they're sharing too much information. 'Why, Jesus? Help me Jesus! Oh, Jesus, that feels good, don't stop!' That's all I hear all the time. You're the only guy who asks me to go have a beer anymore."

Hammered by  (Page 99)

That last bit... That last one of what they say him all the time... 👀