An easy contemporary mystery page-turner

5 stars

Sarah Braxton runs an ailing bookshop in the picturesque small coast town of Seashell Cove, Oregon, she's still coping with the death of her parents, and she wants nothing to do with her magical heritage — until magical beings around the town start disappearing, and her friends and neighbors ask for her help.

I enjoyed this book tremendously. Quirky characters that have some surprises in stock (some of them are queer, and it's the most natural thing on earth; also yay for a fat protagonist), an interesting spin on the small-town detective theme, beautiful scenery, and a good deal of magic, but no heavy topics and no graphic description of violence. If you're not into the fantasy elements, you will probably not enjoy this series. This isn't super-deep literature. It's the kind of novel that is perfect for losing yourself in a straightforward story, told from a single first-person viewpoint. …