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J. J. Bola: Mask Off (2019, Pluto Press) 4 stars

In Mask Off, JJ Bola exposes masculinity as a performance that men are socially conditioned …

Mask Off

4 stars

A practical and honest book covering personal experiences but also speaking more widely about UK and more global masculinities. Overall a warming book. It's heartening to see records of similar experiences among men written about in such an open way. Well worth reading.

bell hooks: The Will to Change (Paperback, 2003, Atria Books) 5 stars

"Men cannot change if there are no blueprints for change. Men cannot love if they …

The Will To Change

4 stars

There's a lot here that I have direct experience with or is adjacent to my experiences, and the cutting descriptions help crystallise my thoughts on masculinities and the issues around them, and how it relates to feminism. Well worth reading, particularly if you're struggling with your own masculinity. Sometimes it felt a little vague or hopeful without focus, which is probably useful for some people, but seemed a distraction to me.