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Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead (2019, Rverhead Books) 4 stars

A clever parable for our times

4 stars

The back of the book said it's a thriller but even thought the narrative revolves around a murder mystery, what was really captivating about this tale is the main character. There is nothing truly like her: A vegetarian old lady, a weirdo that never ceases to surprise the reader by exposing new, strange, sides to her. It with the force of this magnetic leading persona that Tokarczuk - like Yuki Urushibara, Monica Bryne and a few other writers of our times - succeeds in discussing one of the main issues of our time - namely, man's relation to nature and the harm he inflicts on it. It is done in a tone that is just the right amount of preachy and somber, but is also humorous and light at times. Brilliant piece.

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Things Fall Apart (2006, Penguin Books) 5 stars

Okonkwo is the greatest warrior alive. His fame has spread like a bushfire in West …

Review of 'Things Fall Apart' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

Wow. For the first half of this book I thought it a bit artless and frustrating, but it turns into a very much cleverer and more subtle work than I had been expecting. Ultimately the book is utterly damning about colonialism without ever romanticising what came before it.I feel weird tagging "spoilers" about a book the outlines of which are pretty well known, and the plot of which is basically described in the publisher blurb, but in spite of all that there were some surprises as I went, so here goes:First of all, there is one thing that annoyed me intensely through the entire book: the complete lack of any development of female characters or voices. I can imagine a defence of that in terms of the book describing two intensely patriarchal cultures and their meeting, but I'm still digesting Achebe's critique of Conrad. One of his more on-point criticisms …

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me (GraphicNovel, 2019, First Second) 3 stars

All Freddy Riley wants is for Laura Dean to stop breaking up with her.

The …

Cute and beautifully drawn. A story about a a girl that's treated badly by her girlfriend but can't muster up the strength to break up with her. Also about friendships.

It's very USian, very millennial, but even an old middle-eastern dude like me could enjoy it. And I enjoyed it a lot.