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村田沙耶香: Convenience Store Woman (2018) 3 stars

Keiko Furukura had always been considered a strange child, and her parents always worried how …

Great except...

4 stars

Content warning spoilers

Izzy Wasserstein: These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart (2024, Tachyon Publications) 4 stars

Security expert Dora left her anarchist commune over safety concerns. But when her ex-girlfriend Kay …

Noir, but much more

4 stars

I haven't read a lot of noir, probably because it's always seemed just a bit too cynical. 'These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart' translates noir into a dystopian near future with an anarchist commune and a trans MC, still feels like it has a lot of the key components of noir, but has so much more heart as it wrestles with what it is to be human, particularly a flawed one trying to find one's way in the world.

Taeko Kono: Toddler-Hunting and Other Stories (1998, New Directions Publishing Corporation) 4 stars

Weird but weirdly-compelling

4 stars

Collection of somewhat dark short stories (and I'm not sure 'Toddler-Hunting' is even the oddest), but when you get past the shock value there's lots to reflect on concerning topics such as marriage, childhood, illness, and death, but particularly through the lens of a woman in Japan in the sixties and the choices available, or not.