The Morals of the Market (Paperback, 2019, Verso) 4 stars

Drawing on detailed archival research on the parallel histories of human rights and neoliberalism, Jessica …

Lots there, but hard work

4 stars

Really interesting description of the interplay between neoliberalism and human rights, starting with the drafting of the UDHR and the battles over the inclusion of social or economic rights. Goes on to describe the way in which neoliberals saw economic freedom as the highest priority, and anything more egalitarian as the road to totalitarianism. Interesting detour into the early days of Amnesty, HRW, and the LSF (a short-lived offshoot of MSF), and the way at least the first two were willing to ignore economic hardship and focus solely on torture and political repression, while the LSF was explicitly anti-socialist. Lots of interesting stuff here, but the inclusion of frequent quotes from prominent neoliberals makes it a hard read -- they're all such thoroughly unpleasant people!