My Brain Is Different

Stories of ADHD and Other Developmental Disorders


Paperback, 190 pages

English language

Published April 11, 2022 by Seven Seas Entertainment.

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5 stars (2 reviews)

This intimate manga anthology is about the struggles and triumphs of individuals learning to navigate daily life with a developmental disorder. The comics follow the stories of nine people, including: a junior high dropout finding an alternate path to education; a former "troublesome" child helping kids at a support school; a so-called problem child realizing the beauty of his own unique quirks; and a man falling in love with the world with the help of a new medication. This inspiring volume illustrates their diverse anxieties and finding self-empowerment in a world not quite built with them in mind.

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A tough read, but worth it

5 stars

Pretty hard going in parts as most of the stories involve the people concerned struggling through school and being bullied, and then the teachers joining in :( Ultimately pretty hopeful, though, as each contributor receives a diagnosis which at minimum allows them to make sense of their earlier life, and often allows them to make adaptations or receive accommodations to make things easier in the future.

CWs for suicidal ideation/attempts, abusive parenting, and bullying

An anthology of Neuro-divergent people in Japan; if you are Neurodiverse, you can probably relate to this even if you have never lived in Japan

5 stars

Content warning CW: Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Attempts (no successful attempts), bullying by both teacher and peers, take care of yourself reading this