The Broken Kingdoms

(The Inheritance Trilogy #2)

English language

Published Sept. 5, 2010


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4 stars (4 reviews)

The Broken Kingdoms is a fantasy novel by American writer N. K. Jemisin, the second book of her Inheritance trilogy. It takes place ten years after the events of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and centers around a young woman named Oree Shoth, who lives in the World Tree-shrouded, godling-inhabited city of Shadow.

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5 stars

4.5 stars out of 5. Why do we still not have half stars? Meh.

Thanks to my stomach flu I powered through this one hardcore. Also, because it was really enjoyable. It has everything I liked about the first book (though a lot less political intrigues) plus a more diverse cast. Set 10 years after the conclusion of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, our protagonist this time is Oree Shoth, a commoner living in East Shadow, the city around the World Tree that Yeine created 10 years ago. Oree is blind and works as an artist who sells trinkets to pilgrims and tourists coming to see the Tree. Shadow is full of godlings, children of the Three, who now have permission to mingle and live with mortals, often in ordinary professions. One of them is Madding, Oree's lover. All is well in Oree's life until two things happen. She sort of …

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