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Here for all the book talk, but only posting now and then about a book I want to talk about. Never not reading. Representation matters.

Always trying to build a canon without white cis male authors. Dream job: library curator.

fav genres: queer_feminist and anarchist dystopia and solarpunk sci fi exploring and dreaming worlds and togethers - after a revolution, after or fighting capitalism, white supremacy and racism, cis heteronormativity, ableism, patriarchy. I love reading cook books.

Current interests: solarpunk, emotional work, exhaustion and trauma, cooking, preserving and baking, from textile to plant fiber crafts.

Listening to audio books is reading, too.

Book talk in English and German.

Avatar alt text: my hand holding a book upside-town, nails painted in different pinks. Book title is partly visible, it's "Der Pilz am Ende der Welt" von Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

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Otter Lieffe: Margins and Murmurations (Paperback, 2017, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) 5 stars

Imagine you had the ability to move through your own life, to revisit your past …

Margins and Murmurations

No rating

Content warning trans hate mentioned, no spoilers