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Here for all the book talk. Never not reading. Representation matters.

Always trying to build a canon without white cis male authors. Dream job: library curator.

fav genres: queer_feminist and anarchist dystopia and solarpunk sci fi exploring and dreaming worlds and togethers - after a revolution, after or fighting capitalism, white supremacy and racism, cis heteronormativity, ableism, patriarchy. I love reading cook books.

Current interests: solarpunk, emotional work, exhaustion and trauma, cooking, preserving and baking, from textile to plant fiber crafts.

Listening to audio books is reading, too.

Book talk in English and German.

Avatar alt text: my hand holding a book upside-town, nails painted in different pinks. Book title is partly visible, it's "Der Pilz am Ende der Welt" von Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

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Wild Textiles No rating

Wild Textiles

No rating

Alice Fox is a textile artist who works with material they grow on their allotment plot, they gather or find. They make fiber from plants, string from nettles or garbage.

In 'Wild Textiles' Alice Fox portraits plants and materials, documents processes. And shows their works: pieces and bowls from leaves that are sewn together, chestnut shells that carry weavings, vessels from dandelion or paper strings, the gall sculpture series - works that got me excited, and longing.

It's such an inspiring book, inviting to take into account what is around, to play, to explore, and to make art. For me it opened up room for new thoughts about the relation of crafts and arts.

Detransition, Baby (Hardcover, 2021, One World) 5 stars

A whipsmart debut about three women--transgender and cisgender--whose lives collide after an unexpected pregnancy forces …

Content warning violence mention

started reading Radical Friendship by Kate Johnson

Radical Friendship (2021, Shambhala Publications, Incorporated) No rating

A case for friendship as a radical practice of love, courage, and trust, and seven …

Content warning meditation

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Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak

4 stars

Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak is the second book in Charlie Jane Anders' Unstoppable YA sf trilogy. This is an incredibly solid second book of a trilogy. (This book is up for a 2023 Lodestar award as part of the Hugo awards.)

I think part of it is that Tina takes a backseat and Rachael and Elza get more of the spotlight. (Aside from the book covers sequentially being one, two, and then three headshots indicating which number of the book it is, this second book cover features Rachael and Elza vs the first book cover showing Tina, which I think is also an indication of the emphasis here.) This book has yet more uncomfortable feelings and processing and relationship renegotiation and grief and trauma.

I honestly enjoyed this book better than the first, because it's thematically very tight. It says it right on the tin, but dreams being bigger than …

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