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Matt Formston always dreamed of becoming a professional surfer. But by the time he was …


Matt Formston by ,

⠦⠛⠇⠯⠥⠇⠜⠀⠋⠐⠑⠴! G. L. and U. L. ar F. ever. I love it.


This post is really all about the braille. But, considering that #BookWyrm (as yet?) does not recognise the blank braille character (U+2800), or indeed any braille characters, as a point at which text may carry on to a new line, here is the latin version of the quote as well:

Matt was 16 years old when he got glandular fever.

⸻ ibid.

Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (2016, Scholastic) 3 stars

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (also known as Alice Through the Looking-Glass …

White Tears Brown Scars (2020, Orion Publishing Group, Limited) 5 stars

For readers of White Fragility, White Tears/Brown Scars is an explosive book of history and …

reviewed Eat My Shadow by Linda Cockburn

Eat My Shadow (Paperback, 2022, Together Press) 4 stars

20 years ago the world went quiet. Father is suspended between the living world and …

Climate collapse close to home

4 stars

Post-climate apocalypse in #HuonValley & #Hobart. Mostly believable (ex-PM was a caricature, and questionable lack of planning for expedition) with survivors being both humane & loving, but also merciless when called for. Unnerving to see local area in this light.

Reading time 7 days, 47 pages/day

#BookReview #Books #Bookstodon #BookWyrm #CliFi #SciFi #Tasmania

The Poppy War (Hardcover, 2018, Harper Voyager) 3 stars

A brilliantly imaginative talent makes her exciting debut with this epic historical military fantasy, inspired …

Turns disturbingly dark without warning

3 stars

A reimagining of China & Japan, with shamans & gods for interest, and war crimes & genocide for a horrifying reality check. Misleadingly begins with standard 'orphan goes to hero school' trope, but turns disturbingly dark without warning.

Reading time 6 days, 88 pages/day

#BookReview #Books #Bookstodon #BookWyrm #fantasy