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Avatar is the planet Annarres from Ursula Le Guin's "The Dispossessed", drawn by Markus Weber

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African-American gardens and yards in the rural South (1992, University of Tennessee Press) 3 stars

of narrow interest but I wish this was an ongoing field of research

3 stars

Oddly satisfying, surveys of outdoor living and gardening space in poor rural south in 1990, detailed planting census and interviews covering aesthetics, materials, goals. Historical analysis of influences of colonizing and slavery and sharecropping and land ownership - throughout, emphasizes the ephemeral nature of gardening as a built environment, always on the cusp of changes in function or technology - indoor plumbing, lawn mowers, big box stores.

Didn't remember how much the characters defined and justified their doing with their work, for example Shevek justifying going to Urras because he can't do his work in the way it'd be the most effective. Is it that different from today's anarchist (anti-) work discourse as it sounds? Or is it mostly the same? There are parallels for sure but Idk.