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your friendly queer neighborhood auntie. native german speaker. reads for fun & education, more english than German these days.

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Down and out in the Magic Kingdom (2003, Tor) 4 stars

Read Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom online at the Internet Archive.

From …

Amusing read... but not Doctorow's best.

4 stars

I was entertained by this highly speculative fiction, although it had its lengthy moments. I must give Doctorow credit for spinning the tale to its most logical end, and being very stringent in his world-building. However, I like his writing best when he's contemporary and political.

The Bullet Journal Method (Hardcover, 2018, Portfolio) 5 stars

For years Ryder Carroll tried countless organizing systems, Online and off, but none of them …

The one productivity method that works for me

5 stars

I encountered the BulletJournal method in 2016, and originally, I resisted it a bit, despite my curiosity... I have tried so many methods to stay on top of my tasks and feel like my life isn't spinning out of control on a regular basis. Some worked ok, some frustrated me thoroughly, some were just too high-maintenance (looking at GTD here), and having my productivity system fall apart was a pretty regular experience.

I'm glad I yielded to that curiosity. Like Carroll, I have ADHD, and somehow my brain responds better to a handwriting-(on-paper-)based approach than to digital tools. I also need an approach that provides structure and clarity, while being flexible enough to adapt to my needs and easy enough to keep it up as a daily habit.

The Bullet Journal method is a cross-over between a to-do list, a journal, project planning and, if you want to, even a …